It is after a lot of thought, discussions and deliberation over the last few months that we have made the very difficult decision to no longer operate the riding school at Chorley Equestrian Centre.


It has been nearly 4 years since we downsized due to the pressure, responsibility and impact that running a large riding school was having on our lives. That did ease things for us, but many factors have led us to believe that now is the time to shut completely.


Many of our horses and ponies are getting older. Some are ready to retire and they have been wonderful servants to us for many years. It is very difficult to find replacements that are suitable and safe. We could not offer riding lessons on horses that we were not completely happy to use, as our clients’ safety and enjoyment is extremely important.


Several staff that have been with us for many years have changed their career paths which has led to other forms of employment, training and education.

Finding good teaching staff that would fit in with our family run centre is very difficult and I know there is a shortage across the whole country. We have been relying on freelance instructors to fill in who have been brilliant in supporting us, but it does not give the continuity and personal support that we pride ourselves on with our permanent staff.


We realize that many of you are going to be very disappointed and know you will miss your riding with us, as we will miss you. Many of you have been riding with us for a great number of years, some nearly as long as we have been operating, and we would like to thank you all for your custom over the years, whether you are an older or relatively new client.


We plan to close the riding school on Saturday 27th August 2016 and we will continue to operate until that date.  If anyone is interested in buying, loaning or re-homing any of the existing riding school horses please speak to me. Some stables will be available for full livery.


We will continue to run the livery business, and that will not be affected in any way other than you will have more freedom to use the facilities.


If you have vouchers left that you are unable to use before closure we will refund the money.


I will still be available for instruction to livery owners.


This is such a very sad time for us as we have operated for 31 years and have so many, many memories of good times, of which we will never forget.


We wish you the best of luck in finding somewhere else to ride, and once again thank you for your valued custom.


Janet Berry and Family.

8th  August 2016